What to do in the event of a bereavement

If you have recently had a bereavement, we would like to express our condolences at this difficult time.

Registering a death

To register a death in Wolverhampton, you need to follow the process outlined below:

  1. Obtain the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death (MCCD): This certificate is issued by a doctor who has attended the deceased during their last illness. If the death occurred in a hospital, you can usually collect the MCCD from the hospital. If the death occurred at home or in a care home, you should contact the deceased’s General Practitioner (GP) to obtain the certificate.
  2. Contact the Wolverhampton Register Office: Call the Wolverhampton Register Office to schedule an appointment to register the death. The contact information for the office is as follows:Wolverhampton Register Office Civic Centre St. Peter’s Square Wolverhampton WV1 1RUPhone: 01902 555777
  3. Attend the appointment: At the scheduled appointment, you will need to provide the following information about the deceased:
    • Full name
    • Date and place of death
    • Date and place of birth
    • Occupation (if applicable)
    • Last address

    It is also helpful to bring supporting documents related to the deceased, such as their passport, driving license, or birth certificate. However, these documents are not mandatory for the registration process.

  4. Register the death: During the appointment, a registrar will guide you through the registration process. They will enter the necessary details into the Death Register. Make sure to review the information carefully before it is finalized.
  5. Obtain Death Certificates: After the registration, you can purchase copies of the Death Certificate. These certificates are usually required for legal and administrative purposes. It’s advisable to obtain multiple copies, as they may be needed for handling the deceased’s affairs with various institutions, such as banks, insurance companies, and pension providers.

Please note that the process and requirements for registering a death may vary slightly, so it’s always recommended to contact the Wolverhampton Register Office directly or visit their official website for the most up-to-date information and any specific instructions they may have.

Things to send back

There are a number of things to be done after registering the death and arranging the funeral, some of them are listed below, although the list is not exhaustive.

The following items of the deceased should be returned. Include a note of explanation and the date of death with each of the documents:

  • Passport to the Passport Office – envelopes are available from your local Bereavement Centre*
  • Driving license to DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1ZZ – envelopes are available from the Bereavement Centre*
  • The registration documents of a car, for the change of ownership to be recorded – envelopes are available from the Bereavement Centre*
  • Library books and tickers*
  • Centro bus/travel pass*
  • Carelink alarm (and pendant if applicable)*
  • Pension/Benefit payment cheques to the Department for Work and Pensions or other office which issued the payment. Pre-paid envelopes are available from the Bereavement Centre.
  • A season ticket. Claim any refund due.
  • Membership cards of clubs and associations. Claiming refund due.
  • Any NHS equipment such as wheelchairs, hearing aids an artificial limbs

*The items marked can be dealt with at the Wolverhampton Civic Centre.

People and organisations to tell

There are a number of organisations you need to inform when someone dies, some of them are listed below. It is not a complete list covering everyone’s individual circumstance.

  • The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). The “Registration or Notification of Death” (BD8) form issued by the Registrar should be completed and forwarded to the DWP (this can be dealt with at the Bereavement Centre). The Bereavement Centre can also arrange an appointment with the DWP where necessary. , to deal with benefits pensions and help with funeral costs etc. Forms are also available for the closure of Post Office Card Accounts.*
  • The local Social Services Department of the Council if the person was getting meals-on-wheels, home help, day centre care, lived in a care home (arranged by Social Services)or had an appliance or piece of equipment issued by the Department (Independent Living Service).*
  • Her Majesty’s Customs and Revenue if Tax Credit or Child Benefits were in payment. Or if the deceased was paying income tax (a refund may be due).*
  • The local Council Housing Department/Wolverhampton Homes if the deceased was living in a Council house.*
  • The Council Tax Office and/or Business Rates Office.*
  • The local Council House Benefit Section if the deceased was receiving housing benefit and/or Council Tax Benefit. The Bereavement Centre can arrange an interview or home visit if necessary.*
  • Any hospital that the person was attending.*
  • The Education Service if the deceased is of school age.*
  • Any company or personal pension provider. If the provider is West Midlands Pension Fund this can be dealt with via the Bereavement Centre .
  • The landlord if the deceased was living in rented accommodation.
  • The family doctor to cancel any home nursing.
  • Any employer or trade union.
  • The deceased persons banks and building societies.
  • The teacher, employer or college of a child or young person, if a parent, brother, sister, grandparent or close friend has died.
  • A car insurance policy (if you are insured to drive the car under the deceased person’s name, you will cease to be insured).
  • The deceased’s water, gas, electricity and telephone suppliers.
  • The Post Office so that they can redirect the deceased’s mail to the person responsible for the Estate.
  • Any home/contents insurance (to ensure cover continues where necessary).
  • It ay be appropriate to contact a minister of religion or representative of your faith community.

*The items marked can be dealt with at the Wolverhampton Civic Centre.

Contact details for Wolverhampton Bereavement Centre

Tel: (01902) 555777  Fax: (01902) 555770

Email: bereavement.centre@wolvehampton.gov.uk